Thursday, July 07, 2005

summer vacation

so far summer has been a blast. A rod was gone a week right after school ended and is now moaping around the house like he has nothing to do..... how about a couple chores to get him motivated Princess and I have been doing a home study course "how to teach you child to read in 100 easy lessons" she is at 50 today and is doing great her reward is swim lessons @ the loal ymca she will start on July 25
Bob the builder just follows in tow of everyone elses day but at night its just him and my darling husband out working in the yard they have seeded and now have grass the built steps and mulched and topsoiled their little hearts out looking foward to some type of vacation next week

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

where did the week go?

today is Wednesday already i don't know where the week is gone we have been very busy getting ready for this weekend we are hosting a cook out for my husbands work and the days are getting shorter I work best under presure though tomarrow I m back to work Ive heard that there are alot of babies right now we are full with no where to put patient so Im looking forward to tomm. I still have to shop!!!!! have you ever been to a cook out with no food ? that will be mine if I don't come up with a menu

Monday, July 04, 2005

day with the family

Well, today was my holiday to work but I got called off (one of the percks of my job) although I would rather be working ,Im @ home doing work around the house(yuk!!).
A ROD came home from camp yresterday with a weeks worth of yucky musty clothes
Princess has yet again emptied every article of clothing out of her dresserand I have a weekend worth of dishes my husband didn't do while I was at work. but later off to congress park for fireworks makes it all worth it. My husband is putting thefront stairs on the porch (yah) I realized when a spoke of all of my children in my last blog I frogot to give my youngest son a name he truly loves to help dad and grandpa with everything so we will call him "bob the builder"

And the highlight of my day I had to go to my mothers wedding I wish her all the best and at least he treats her well

Saturday, July 02, 2005

The begining

This is my first blog!!
I am a 26 year old mother of three, wife of one, and nurse to hundreds.My three children are wonderful. they keep me busy My eldest is 11y/o boy who is an aspiring pro nfl/nba/mbl playerand in his spare time he goes to school(we refer to him as LITTLE A ROD). my not so shy 4y/o girl who is the biggest drama queen I know takes dance classes and can't wait to start kindergarten this Sept. (we refer to her asPRINCESS) Then comes my little 3y/o guy that has to have me within 3 feet at all times( i really kinda like it) his time is consumed with his imaginary work and his imaginary play with his cousin (aka:goof ball) My darling husband runs a concrete plant which has excrutiating backbreaking hours that he seems to thrive on even though 3/4 his time is spent at work his family always comes first(we are the most important thing to him) I am a part time nurse at the local hospital I work on the maternity floor My job can be stressful at times but mostly its amazing!!!!
that is the first part of my continuing story........